Bangkok Real Estate Agent

What To Look For In A Bangkok Real Estate Agent

Everyone needs a place to call home, even when they leave their country and become an expatriate. Yet, finding the perfect home is often one of the first challenges ex-pats face when they arrive in Thailand. Whether you plan to rent or buy a property in Bangkok, having a great real estate agent by your side to facilitate the entire process is a blessing and can even help you get a better deal than you...

Buying a Property in Bangkok Leasehold Thai Company

Buying Property In Bangkok – Foreigners Guide

Buying a property in Bangkok is something that many foreigners consider to be too complicated or even unattainable. Yet, the reality is that there are a few relatively straightforward and easy to understand ways foreign nationals can purchase real estate in Thailand. The exact reason why so much confusion surrounds the issue is hard to pin down. It could be due to the language barrier, misleading and...

Buying a Condo in Bangkok

Buying a Condo in Bangkok – All You Need to Know

Are you planning to buy a condo in Bangkok and need some guidance with the legal regulations? Perhaps you're unsure where the best areas to invest are or what unit size you can expect for your budget. If so, this definitive guide will help you through the process of buying a condo in Bangkok, one of the most popular cities for overseas property investors in Asia. Being the most visited city globally,...

Renting a Condo in Bangkok

Renting a Condo in Bangkok – Key Knowledge

If you're looking to rent a condo in Bangkok, then you've come to the right place. Renting a Bangkok condo is a relatively straightforward and easy process, providing that you follow a few essential guidelines. In this post, I'm going to walk you through all the steps you should follow if you plan on renting a condominium in this energetic and vibrant city. One of the most extraordinary things about...

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