What To Look For In A Bangkok Real Estate Agent

Bangkok Real Estate Agent

Everyone needs a place to call home, even when they leave their country and become an expatriate. Yet, finding the perfect home is often one of the first challenges ex-pats face when they arrive in Thailand. Whether you plan to rent or buy a property in Bangkok, having a great real estate agent by your side to facilitate the entire process is a blessing and can even help you get a better deal than you might have expected.

On the other hand, if you’re unlucky enough to find an unprofessional and possibly untrustworthy agent, things can go south quite quickly. Issues you can run into with incompetent agents in Bangkok include, but are certainly not limited to, minor annoyances like not receiving replies to emails or a general lack of response to any form of contact, to repeatedly showing you unsuitable properties and not being able to answer basic questions. If you’re very unfortunate and cross paths with a deceitful agent, things could become much more worrying, and unethical practices like outright lies and even corruption are not unheard of in the Thai real estate industry.

While many foreigners may be used to dealing with accredited real estate agents with regulatory certifications in their native countries, the truth is that no licensing laws are in place in Thailand that demand such qualifications, so the fact of the matter is that anyone can act as a property agent. Of course, this leads to a bit of a minefield as many people attempt to become part-time property agents, using the job as a side hustle. Others try to start selling or renting out properties with little experience or knowledge about the industry. For these reasons, it’s always good to be aware of who you are dealing with when you start property hunting in Bangkok.


Meet our Agents

Working at Bangkok Condos since 2010, Khun Mod and Khun Nick are among Bangkok’s most trusted and professional property brokers. With hundreds of successful transactions under their belt, they are well-regarded in the Bangkok property market by private and corporate clients alike. What’s more, they are fluent in English and Thai, making them the perfect agents for foreign buyers and renters looking for property in Thailand.

However, we don’t want you just to take our word for it. There are specific qualities and traits that all successful real estate professionals share, so let’s have a look at what you should look out for when choosing your property agent.


Traits of a Trustworthy Bangkok Real Estate Agent

A great real estate agent is akin to the conductor of a symphony orchestra. While the conductor must coordinate the musicians to create a beautiful harmony, a real estate agent must organise all the players involved in the deal to make a successful transaction a reality. At different points in the process, the real estate agent is a salesperson, a buyer’s advocate, an analyst, a business manager, a consultant, a negotiator, and a marketer.


Problem Solving

A successful real estate agent in Bangkok knows how to properly showcase a property to make it more marketable and develop creative listings to attract the right buyers. Additionally, when buyers or renters have specific needs like pet-friendly accommodation, an effective agent will come up with the goods.

Also, a responsible agent should be motivated to assist their clients with impeccable after-sales services and offer support when needed, including post-move-in and lease negotiations. These kinds of touches can make all the difference to ex-pats, who may find moving to a new place or renting out an investment property in a foreign county a bit daunting when faced with a language barrier. In a nutshell, a great agent will be with their clients every step of the way, while a fair-weather agent will drop you like a hot potato when the going gets tough.


Honesty & Integrity

An agent’s professional reputation is crucial to a long and successful career in real estate, but since there are no governing bodies to control the behaviour of property agents in Thailand, the best way to make sure if an agent is trustworthy is by looking for reviews and testimonials from their clients.

To be among the top real estate agents in Bangkok requires a great work ethic. The best agents have the tenacity to pursue every lead and the hustle to market their clients’ properties aggressively to achieve success.


Structural and Architectural Knowledge

The finest agents in Bangkok also have a genuine interest in houses, condos, apartments, or any building type classified as accommodation. They will be well-informed, clued up on architectural styles, and able to supply information about a building’s structure, facilities, amenities, etc.

If you notice that an agent’s knowledge and interest level in these details is lacking when you have a conversation, you might want to consider finding someone who is more au fait with building design and composition.


Attentive and Engaging

A respectable real estate agent in Bangkok doesn’t just sell properties; they also sell themselves. It’s essential for agents to be personable and have a great attitude, confidence in their abilities, and a genuine interest in helping you.

They should pay close attention to the details and cater to the unique needs of their clients. If your agent is well organised, follows up with leads, communicates well, and pays attention to your needs, you have found a keeper.


Local Awareness

High-ranking real estate agents appreciate and utilise the nuances that make a certain community’s accommodation market and pricing strategy unique. They can also identify and develop a focus or niche in the local real estate market, distinguishing them from their less-informed competition.

When it comes to speciality accommodation in specific neighbourhoods, those with a deep insight into the local property market can open doors for you. For instance, if you need pet-friendly accommodation in Thonglor or a condo within walking distance to an international kindergarten in Phrom Phong, only a seasoned real estate agent will know what’s available to meet your requirements.



Experienced property agents have a vast network of contacts within the market they serve. This list of connections should include other real estate agents and brokers, potential buyers and sellers, and all the other players in the real estate industry, such as appraisers, home inspectors, and mortgage loan officers.


Industry Knowledge

The best Bangkok real estate agents in the business always stay up-to-date with the latest topics in real estate and in the local market, which allows them to service clients more effectively. On top of this, their understanding of changing trends within the property market and their awareness of their client’s wants and needs should be unimpeachable.


Why should you consider us as your agent?

For Khun Mod and Khun Nick, helping people find their homes or investment properties is more than a job; it’s a passion. Between them, they have helped hundreds of clients buy and rent accommodation with the best facilities, in proximity to all the essential amenities needed to live a comfortable modern lifestyle.

Many foreign investors choose to buy properties from Bangkok Condos because we provide a one-stop service. Whether you require help regarding legal advice, property selection, or neighbourhood suggestions, we have the expertise to help you find the perfect accommodation in a prime Bangkok location that suits your needs and budget. Furthermore, we can help clients with families find a great home close to the best schools in Bangkok.

To see what our clients think of us, you can check out the Testimonials segment on our homepage. We aim to be as transparent and forthcoming as we can with all our clients, and we think this shines through in what others have said about us.

Given all the information covered in this article, we believe that Bangkok Condos is one of the best real estate agencies in the city. We aim to embody the traits and qualities mentioned above in every aspect of our property management services. So, if you plan to rent or buy a Bangkok property, please contact Khun Mod or Khun Nick as they would love to help you out.

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